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Our Mission

When we started Lake Conroe Sunset Cruises in 2018, we had one goal in mind...  To let other people experience and appreciate the fun and beauty of Lake Conroe the way we do.

My wife and I both grew up on Lake Conroe in the 70's.  In fact, my wife moved here right before the lake came in.  She saw what Lake Conroe looked like before the Lake (all valleys & pastureland) and what it has become...a beautiful playground for the North Houston area with the most breathtaking sunsets EVER!

THIS is why we want to share this experience with others!

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Our Story


Meet Captain Bob

Captain Bob has over 30 years of boating experience. He is a Texas A&M graduate. He will customize your music selection for a unique boating experience!

Captain Bob is ready to make your charter a super fun experience!!

Meet Captain Dave

Captain Dave has been piloting boats his entire life. His father and grandfather owned several large deep sea fishing vessels in Freeport, Texas. Under their guidance, Dave learned to skillfully navigate these boats and spent many hours on the water.

During the early 70's, his family moved from Houston to Lake Conroe where he was immediately hired by the Walden Marina. He worked there for several years during high school and college performing a variety of duties which included piloting different-size marine vessels, instructing water skiing and conducting lake rescues. Dave was one of several employees chosen to pilot the famous Reflections I & II a 56' twin screw double-decker passenger ship. 


What our customers are saying

"Captain Dave was such a kind and gracious host. He was so accommodating for our small group and you could tell safety was his ​#1 priority. We enjoyed a great boat ride that included sightseeing, swimming and an amazing sunset! His prices were fair and I would definitely recommend his services! P​lus, he has experience as a DJ so his music selection was on point!"

"Dave was great. He knew the area well. He made sure we knew what to expect. The pictures and videos...loved them. Will recommend this to everyone."

"Thank you so much. We are planning to come back in the next month or so. We will call to book for the condo if all goes as planned. It was an amazing experience for me. Very much appreciate your courtesy and patience."

"Captain Dave was great about taking us to see the sights as well as allowing us to make choices of how the cruise went and what we did! The sunset was spectacular and breathtaking! Plus his videos and pictures captured the experience!"

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